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Fake message with free Adidas shoes going viral on Whatsapp, stay alert

Fake message with free Adidas shoes going viral on Whatsapp, stay alert

Like last year, this year, the message of Addis free shoes on Whatsapp is becoming increasingly viral. This is a scam from which users need to be careful. Scammers are giving users the temptation to get Adidas shoes for free through WhatsApp. The message sent by the scammers has said that Addis shoes will be given free and a link has also been given.

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Do not click on the link

To get free shoes from Adidas, scammers ask the user to click on the link in the message which is a malicious (virus) link. If you get a message in which 700 pairs of shoes and 7000 T-shirts are being asked by Adidas to celebrate the 70th anniversary, then ignore that message.
Last year too, the message went viral
The scam first went viral last year, stating that Adidas is distributing 3000 pairs of shoes on the 93rd anniversary. Along with this message, a link was also given on which after clicking, it was said to claim the shoes.

Personal data is stolen

Usually, users get caught in this breathtaking message and scammers. If any such message is coming on your WhatsApp too, then do not click on the link given in it. By clicking on the link given in the message that came last year, the users were getting redirected to a fake website named Anniversary.com. Along with taking the personal information of the user, this website asks to forward this fake message to 15 people. The amazing thing is that the site also asks for the foot size from the users to prove themselves right.

Other companies have also become victims

Adidas is not the only company that has fallen victim to the scam. Scammers have also used Zara, a well-known fashion brand before Adidas, to their advantage. In Jara's case too, scammers used to send similar messages to users in which they were asked to click on the given link.

Amazon cell was also getting fake messages

Another previous message on WhatsApp is becoming increasingly viral, referring to the Amazon Great Indian Festival Sale. In this message, fraudsters are offering 'spin and win' to users. A recent report by Boom stated that they received a similar fraud message on the helpline which read, "Thank you all for making Amazon the number 1 shopping website in India." On the occasion of becoming the biggest company of India and the Great Indian Festival Sale, Amazon is offering you SPIN AND WIN, in which you will be given a free gift. Click on the blue link below and win thousands of gifts. ' It is also written, 'Note, this offer is valid till September 25, get your free gift soon


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